ATV Accident Lawyer in Mississippi or Texas

While ATVs can be fun when used for recreational purposes, they can also pose a significant risk to the driver as well as other parties involved. On average, there are 15,000 injuries associated with ATV accidents per year. Common ATV injuries include head injuries, spinal cord injuries, leg injuries, fractures, and other internal injuries. Failing to observe state laws and local ordinances can oftentimes lead to an accident where one or two parties have been injured.

If you or your loved one has been injured in an ATV crash, or if a loved one has died of injuries they sustained in off-road accidents, contact Wilson Law Firm today. We can help you get the compensation you deserve after an off-road accident.


Off-Road Vehicles & ATV Accident Causes

As one of the Gulf Coast’s premier ATV accident attorney, Wilson Law Firm represents operators and passengers who have suffered ATV accident injuries due to:

  • Dangerous conditions that a property owner never revealed that caused a vehicle to flip 
  • Inadequate supervision of children operating terrain vehicles, ATVs, quad-bikes, and four-wheelers 
  • Poorly maintained recreational vehicles 
  • Defective ATV vehicles 
  • Failing to provide safety equipment like helmets 
  • People hit by ATVs

ATV Laws in Mississippi and Texas

For many Mississippians and Texans, All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a part of life. Whether used for work or play, riding an ATV can still be dangerous, even if you are cautious. The state of Mississippi recognizes this fact and has passed regulations to help reduce the number of ATV injuries and fatalities.

ATVs can include three-wheelers, four-wheelers, dirt bikes, and side-by-side utility vehicles (UTVs). According to Mississippi and Texas state law, the following regulations must be observed when operating an ATV:

  1. No off-road vehicle can be operated on public property (state parks, national forests, wildlife management areas) unless one of two conditions are met: the operator has a valid driver’s license or a certificate of completion of a state-certified ATV safety course.
  2. Riders under 16 years old must wear a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved motorcycle/ATV helmet on public property.
  3. ATV safety courses are provided by the Mississippi State University Extension Service and like Texas courses using 4-H safety course materials. These courses are taught by instructors approved by the Department of Public Safety. Each person who satisfactorily completes this course receives a completion certificate.
  4. Other organizations approved by the Department of Public Safety may also hold ATV safety courses and issue certificates.
  5. No ATVs may be used on public roads or highways in Mississippi or Texas. There is no way to make an ATV “street legal.”

When visiting Mississippi or Texas state parks, the following rules must also be followed: 

  1. ATV riders must have a waiver/consent of liability (good for 1 year) on file at the park office where the ATV will be ridden.
  2. Riders must always have proof of age and/or photo identification on their person, and/or a certificate of completion of a state-certified ATV safety course.
  3. All ATV riders are required to wear a DOT-approved helmet.
  4. ATVs must stay on designated trails.
  5. No loaded weapons can be transported by ATV.
  6. Passengers are prohibited unless the ATV is specifically designed for a passenger by the manufacturer. The rider must always be able to produce proof of this and carry it on their person.
  7. All accidents must be reported to the park office in writing within 24 hours.
  8. Both the owner and ATV operator are liable for any damage/injury resulting from an accident or misuse of an ATV on state park property.
  9. Anyone involved in an accident/incident while operating an ATV on state park property is subject to drug and alcohol testing.
  10. Allowable ATV use varies between parks, so it is best to look up the specific park’s regulations.

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